Animoka Studios is looking for a 3D Rigging Supervisor to collaborate with our creative leaders and artists on a brand-new TV series. As a supervisor, you are the facilitator of the rigging team and are responsible for the quality of the production’s rigs, as well as being in charge of developing new rigging strategies alongside the R&D department. As such, you:


  • Participate in the construction of the rigs of all the assets in the series
  • Oversee the daily operations of rigging for the project
  • Supervise and support a team of riggers:
    • Rig 3D assets (characters, props, environments) to achieve the expected animation style and performance. Ensure the technical compliance of the work files within the pipeline guidelines and constraints
    • Ensure the artistic quality of the deformations in collaboration with the artistic direction and the animation direction
    • Research and suggest techniques and rig approaches to improve production as well as troubleshoot and maintain rigs in production
    • Work closely with the Animation Director, CG Supervisor, Modeling Supervisors and the Pipeline Team to ensure an efficient and creative workflow
    • Guarantee the deliverables of the department within the constraints of quality and deadlines/quotas set by the production
    • Estimate, assign, supervise and verify the work of your team before sending for validation


  • Proven experience as rig supervisor in series or feature film

  • Good knowledge of trigonometry and mathematical notions is considered a plus

  • Strong understanding of character anatomy (including facial expressions), and an artistic understanding of motion and behavior

  • Good knowledge of modeling and texturing constraints

  • Good understanding of anatomy and articulation

  • Good knowledge of animation needs and styles
  • Good comprehension of the animation production pipeline, with an understanding of adjacent department workflows and how Rigging interacts with the overall production process
  • Experience with Python or proven programming skills
  • Excellent knowledge of 3D Software for rig (eg Maya, Blender, Houdini, etc)
  • A collaborative, communicative and creative spirit
  • Knowledge of simulation systems is considered a plus